Please read CAREFULLY


Due to different opening dates and group needs, the schedule listed on this site may not be current

Please see below for the weekly schedule as more groups will be starting their sessions shortly.

Current Bingo schedule

Tues: Arvada Elks @ 12:00
Wed: Arvada Elks @ 12:00
Wed: Ascend Blue Knights @ 7:00
Fri: Northwest Eagles (Sept. 11) @ 12:00
Fri: Ascend Blue Knights @ 7:30
Sat: Arvada West Music @ 11:00 & 1:30
Sun: RNCG @ 2:00 (New Time)
Sun: Northwest Eagles (Sept. 20) @ 6:30

Please call or check the website if you are unsure of a starting time as we will update weekly to keep you informed.

We are as happy as you to be able to reopen the halls. But, we are under strict guidelines by the Department of Health and will require your cooperation to ensure we are able to keep our doors open during this pandemic.

1. Arrive early to allow for social distancing and get your games in time.
2. There is a 100 person maximum allowance in the hall.
3. YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO WEAR A FACE COVERING. We will not be providing these – Bring you own. This is not our rule – it is a requirement from the health department.
4. There will be separate entrances and exits. Lines will be queued outside to enforce social distancing at the start of each session when initial purchases are being made.
5. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND A SESSION if you have a fever, cough or shortness of breath
6. MAINTAIN social distancing from your fellow players. Available seats are clearly marked. Do not take more than one seat. We can only have 100 people in the building – make room for others!
7. Leave your PhD at your table after your session. The employees will be disinfecting them before returning them to be charged.

Please be aware….if you choose to attend a bingo session you are doing so at your own risk. We have a COVID-19 plan in place and have done our best to eliminate the exposure and spread of the virus, but this is not a guarantee. We as the business owners, nor the sponsoring clubs, are NOT liable for exposure to the coronavirus.

Thank you for supporting The Bingo Company and all the Charities, we appreciate you!!